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US Forces South Africa To Import Sick Birds (tags)

The USG is interfering with S African autonomy in forcing their importation of poultry which might have avian flu

Food Borne Illnesses (tags)

There are thousands of food borne illnesses. Knowledge of foods to avoid preserves health.

Rep. Colón Pide que Fiscal del Condado Investigue Posible Fraude (tags)

Credenciales USA Sujetas a Investigación por Alegaciones de Fraude y Publicidad fraudulenta

Rep. Colón Wants County D.A. To Investigate Possible Fraud (tags)

Credenciales USA targeted for investigation on allegations of fraud and misrepresentation

Human smuggling verdict tossed (tags)

At last a judge that knows it is impossible to conspire with yourself!!!!

Consultant hacks into sensitive files of FBI (tags)

Trust the government. The government can protect you from EVERYTHING!!!!!

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