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Declarations of Independence (tags)

See the modern day version of the Declaration of Independence.

US Neocon Urges War on Iran (tags)


Normandy Four in Paris (tags)


INDY has been hijacked or sold? to commentators ? (tags)

seethe list of commentaries and they are over filled with thevery few SAMEeople who think this is Their Blog ?huh ? how ? Llowed ? usurped ? sold ? abused site ? what is going on ?

Indymedia being inundated by repeaters (tags)

A few commentators insist on obliterating any article they disagree or dont like by writing many repeated exhortations and insults and insure the article looses it's main points or gets overwhelmed with other-than-that-person's viewpoint. In other words, some commentators attack profusely to blot out anyone but their agreers. Unfairly, Uncivilly. Hoping to Reduce INDEPENDENCE into obedience and agreement only ???

Got Patriotism? (tags)

US "Patriotism" is a result of Pavlovian conditioning.

If History repeated itself (tags)

Los Angeles and Philadelphia are now battling each other in the NBA Finals. The same cities that held political conventions last summer. What if history repeated itself.

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