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war against terrorism

UN Human Rights Committee Denounces US Human Rights Record (tags)

police state

Torture As Official US Policy (tags)

America's darkest hour.

Derrick Jensen Green Scare Benefit (tags)

Fanning the Flames of Resistance A benefit for those resisting the Green Scare ...featuring Derrick Jensen

How Many Gods in One Heaven? (tags)

Analysis of the Fourth World War in the Middle East

Susy Mordechay – Israeli Peace Activist (tags)

Susy Mordechay was born in Austria to parents who were refugees during WWII and who had lost family in the Holocaust. She was raised and educated in Israel, where she finished her studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Later, she did graduate work in Linguistics at UCLA. She has worked with Various Israeli groups, in particular the Committee against Home Demolitions, the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, and Ta’ayush, an Arab-Jewish partnership.

Post 9/11 Conspiracism (tags)

In most of these theories there were false assumption conflating Jewish religion and ethnicity, Israel, Zionism, and the current Israeli government. Sometimes the assertion was that Jews controlled U.S. foreign policy, while in other cases there were outright claims that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad had staged the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Iraq, Iran and terrorism (tags)

Today in Global Observer you can find articles about economic consequences and juridical aspects of a war against Iraq, about the opening of a second front in the war against terrorism and about US-Iran relations.

Love V Seeds of Fire (tags)

New approach to war against terrorism gaining ground on Capitol Hill

The Peace Movement Continues - Report-back Oct. 13th in Westwood (tags)

As the drumbeat of war persists and American bombs continue to fall on Afghanistan, the peace movement here at home persists in sending a message that many Americans are in strong opposition to this war.

Bush Rallies Public Support for War Against Terrorism But Critics Warn... (tags)

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive Magazine, who assesses the Bush administration's handling of the national crisis and the political climate that has emerged following the terror strikes against the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

September 22nd Rally About the Horror at the Federal Building (tags)

Yesterday at 12:00 noon on a Westwood sidewalk, an event about this nebulous “War Against Terrorism” amplified itself with the honks of the many cars and trucks driving by. With people against a violent intervention packing the sidewalk along Wilsire in front of the west-side Federal Building, the happening felt in flux.

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