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Paraphysique du non-dit (tags)

Le travail de la consommation...

Arythmie du capital (tags)

Partout, les divers fascismes ont su s'imposer...

Arythmie du capital (tags)

A poil, les milices patronales, à poil, les milices du capital...

U..S. exports fantasies and weapons systems (tags)

In fact, 20 of our top 25 arms clients in the developing world in 2003 were undemocratic regimes or governments with records as major human-rights abusers. All too often, U.S. arms transfers fuel conflict, give weapons to human-rights abusers or fall into the hands of our adversaries. Far from serving as a force for security and stability, these sales frequently empower unstable, undemocratic regimes.

My Dream (tags)

Is that the whole world will be a place of social justice. . . like China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, North Korea and, of course, Cuba. Viva Comrade Fidel!

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