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Lucifers Banker (tags)

Read the book about tax cheats Swiss banks.

Banker Occupied Greece: Requiem for a Failed State (tags)


Ghosts of Wall Street Occupy Hollywood Blvd Halloween Night (tags)

“Nightmares from Wall Street haunt us all,” says Occupy Fights Foreclosures, as concerned citizens took to Hollywood Blvd to educate and awaken others about economic inequality and banker crimes.

Financial Oligarch Power Raping Greece (tags)

class war

Banker Occupation of Greece (tags)

financial terrorism

Swiss banker supplies documents to WikiLeaks (tags)

Oasis TV Announces New Chairman (tags)

(CSRwire) LOS ANGELES, CA – February 1, 2007 - Oasis TV, a cable channel and Internet TV provider of Body-Mind-Spirit programming, today announced the appointment of investment banker and world peace activist Azim Khamisa as Chairman.

The Wealth-Transfer Machine (tags)

If you want to know how the country is controlled you have to understand the basics of how it's done. How is done - by keeping you poor and manipulating the politicians through the use of money and debt. These are not trivial issues and require some work to understand. However, if you want to understand it is worth the effort.

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