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Prince Bernhards Nazi-history; open letter (tags)

In The Netherlands, Prince Bernhard placed an article through his freemason end-editors connections in "The Volkskrant" to cover-up his secret Nazi-history and other affairs.

American, Dutch, English & Jewish ‘Nazi’s’ (tags)

A review about deception and the secret side of our history, the population is not allowed to know about.

Updates on prisoners (tags)

1) Volkert pleads guilty 2) Two new AR prisoners 3) Update on Benjamin (USA Animal Rights Prisoner) 4) Three new Ploughshares prisoners 5) Plougshares prisoner released 6) Jose Bove gets 14 months imprisonment (BBC report)


The Bilderberg Group - Political murder and the killing of Prof. Pim Fortuyn.

EU governments must confront inequalities (tags)

The nature of the European far-right.


POLITICAL MURDER & DAMAGE CONTROL : "The killing of popular politician Pim Fortuyn has pushed the Netherlands into its most serious domestic crisis since World War II. It is inevitable that emotions will run high as a result of this attack, but things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed."

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