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Carlotta’s Passion Going Out Of Business Sale - July 5 to July 30! (tags)

Going Out of Business Sale...Massivbe Inventory...Political/Social Justice Art included

Social Justice Art at Carlotta's Passion (tags)

The Saturday evening's NELAart Night at Carlotta's Passion Fine Art features works by artists engaged in social justice

Tarde inolvidable entre Fidel, Raúl y Chávez (tags)

Como anunció el sábado, al lanzar su candidatura presidencial, Chávez vino a La Habana a festejar el cumpleaños 80 de su hermano Fidel. Raúl lo recibió en el aeropuerto y lo estrechó en el abrazo de un pueblo que le agradece al líder amigo su grandeza humana y actitud solidaria.



WITHERED Arts Journalism in LA? (tags)

"All historic epochs have cynics who pontificate that everything under the sun has been accomplished, and that there are "no more movements" on the horizon. Such proclamations are the clearest sign that all hell is about to break loose. Artists have always reacted to the world around them - with their collective actions forming schools or movements. To declare that we are in a "post-movement" period while the world is burning is nothing short of delusional."

Mexican Mural School - Art of Estaño (tags)

A new website reveals the history of the Mexican Muralist Movement and one American artist’s personal connection to it. Philip Stein, also known as Estaño, worked alongside the famed Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros from 1948 to 1958. He assisted the Mexican master in painting some of his most famous murals. Now a brand new website showcases the stirring artworks created during Estaño’s long career.

¡VIVA SIQUEIROS! A new life for Revolutionary Art (tags)

The last surviving mural in the U.S. by the Mexican Revolutionary Artist, David Alfaro Siqueiros, is now on display in Santa Barbara California.

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