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Cheney waterboarded (tags)

Cheney, like Saddam, would not agree with torture if he was captured himself

Cheney Orders Media To Sell Attack On Iran (tags)

Cheney Orders Media to Sell Attack on Iran (for Israel)

Cheney gets ice pick (tags)

for Walton

Cheney's corruption of America (tags)

Has now reached the courts

Cheney on DC Madam's list (tags)

Cheney said to have used DC escorts

Cheney to send Methodists to Iraq. (tags)

to surge

Cheney sacked and returns to old job (tags)

Cheney sacked having lost Congress.

Cheney knew. (tags)

....knew and covered it up for years.

US Vice-President Threatens Iran Militarily (tags)

The UN was founded to remove the scourge of war. The UN Charter severely limits war to an absolute last means, to self-defense and approval of Security Council. Self-determina-tion and reparations are pillars of internation-al law. There is no alternative to diplomacy.

Hello...anyone home? (tags)

Cheney, the dumb, just now sees what he has done in Iraq.

Cheney is still on the cover-up (tags)

Cheney is on the cover-up

Cheney the Shooter: Copy of said Hunting Accident Report (tags)

Cheney is going to wish he shot himself instead.

The 4 horsemen (tags)

Cheney is a good and decent man.

Open Letter to Alexander Cockburn (tags)

Throwing down the gauntlet...

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