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multiple sclerosis

1983 Nuclear Bomb Pacific LA View, Memory Executions, of USS Reid FFG 30 , USS Dier Fag (tags)

You should be aware that a nuclear bomb detonated in view of LA likely under the sea in 1983. I am having memory recollections of likely executions at Long Beach Naval Station, war at FDIC 10 years later in San Francisco

Flu Epidemic Hysteria (tags)


The face of Evil (tags)

The face of Evil

Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Flu Shots (tags)

they contain a toxic brew

Boycott Israel (tags)

Keys for an effective boycott of Israel

getting tested for mycoplasma and other infectious gulf war diseases (tags)


Wellstone’s Death and Activist Clairvoyance from Peace Spiritual Practice. (tags)

'Yes, says Paul From Then and Now' article, supporting links, and a question 'Did Jesus die for us to model accepting such martyrdom deaths or to teach us to prevent all such martyrdom deaths, independent of whether Jesus was a man or God?'

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