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Oil for blood; T. Boone Pickens wants his (tags)

Oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens has reversed the anti-war complaint "No blood for oil," He's upset that U.S. energy companies aren't getting enough oil for American blood----and U.S. taxpayer dollars. He complains that it's going to China instead.

Oil Wealth as a Curse (tags)

The world energy need will increase 50 percent by 2030 necessitating investments of billions in the energy infrastructures.. With its oil greed and balance of payments deficit, the US could endanger global peace and the stability of the world economy.

Peak Oil - Possibly the Most Important Issue of Our Time (tags)

Post-peak oil production, or “Peak Oil” is possibly the most important issue of our time. The decline of oil production and the increase in demand is at or near a critical threshold. It will shake the foundations of human life on planet Earth.

Oil wars Pentagon's policy since 1999 (tags)

Top-level document found confirming OIL WAR is perceived as legitimate US Defense Department policy.

Oil stocks are at a 27 year low! Anti-war poster: cheaper gas (tags)

11 x 17 poster

Oil and Slavery in Sudan (tags)

Talisman Energy is complicit in human rights violations ranging from slavery to genocide.

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