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Sublimation des absurdités en compétition (tags)

Avec toute une aporie d'éthicisation...

Philippines: Duterte’s first 100 days (tags)

Greater than the sum of our fears

Eastern Ukrainians Vote (tags)


Veterans Day Hypocrisy (tags)


Obamacare Compromises Privacy (tags)


Bankruptcies Prohibited (tags)

Capitalism is a system based on debts and credit. To function, it needs trust, trust that banks will always meet their obligations. Fannie and Freddie could not do this any more. Alan Greenspan promoted market forces after extremely overrating them.

What’s the Death Toll, Mr. Bush? (tags)

The ever increasing, unmentionable death toll of U.S. military expansionism in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere exceeds one million souls. The human casualties have achieved unification and consensus at last! The slogan of death is unutterable, perfectly silent and devastatingly effective! Devoid of tribe, nation, race, religion and every other divisive factor that contributed to their demise, all humans are united in death – they are finished! In death there are no ideologies, 'critical issues' or causes.

The Government Says We Need More Government (tags)

ahhh Ron Paul....a breath of fresh air! I dream of an election between Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul- both voted against the war and patriot act, both are true leaders of our country and have actually done their jobs of preserving our constitution.Election 2004- Let's start over! Dennis Kucinich vs. Ron Paul....America Wins!!

Values That Count (tags)

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