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Are Mexican Workers ‘stealing our jobs’? (tags)

The Crisis in the Mexican Auto Sector


The Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace (AJLPP)-USA greets the Mexican people with the highest militance and anti-imperialist salute of international solidarity on their great holiday Cinco De Mayo. SALUD!!! That is why we in the Filipino American community is takes pride with this anti-imperialist event with our brother Mexicans victory over the colonial army of France while America was embroiled in their own civil war. As Ho Chi Minh said “ There is nothing more precious than Independence.” That is the great historical anti-imperialist lesson of Cinco De Mayo

¡Viva Cinco de Mayo! (tags)

As Xicanos and Mexicanos celebrate this significant day with folkloric dance, mariachi music, parades, and other festivities… let us remember that at its core Cinco de Mayo represents the victory of the people over colonialism and imperialism. - Xispas Staff

Represion contra evento de protesta y aniversario de Zapata en Puebla Mexico (tags)

llamado a la solidariadad, Los colectivos anti-autoritarios de la ciudad de Puebla Prensa subversiva, Espiral 7, Mujeres por la dignidad indígena, Coordinadora Universitaria Estudiantil, Coordinadora de Redes Ciudadanas, Brigada por la Esperanza Zapatista y ciudadanos presentes.

La autonomia en peligro, colectivos alternativos, punks y anarquistas de puebla (tags)

Pedimos ayuda para traducir este comunicado en ingles gracias por su solidaridad. Represion contra colectivos alternativos, Punks y anarquistas de Puebla-Mexico.

Peasants and workers demonstrate against the FTAA in Puebla. (tags)

Mainly Mexican peasants and unions organizations have demonstrated in Puebla, against the FTAA negotiations, that are having place in that Mexican city.

Globalizing Justice in the Peten Jungle of Guatemala (tags)

Speaker from Peter rainforest comes to LA to speak about Plan Puebla Panama on October 7th.

Mexican Workers Want Independent Union at Nike/Reebok Contractor (tags)

The January walkout sparked an international solidarity campaign

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