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Whitehouse now tied to Delay corruption scandal! (tags)

Bush Florida 2000 recount committee still owes lobbyist's former firm $314k

Florida Recount Propaganda (tags)

The Headline says: "Florida recount survey: Bush Still Wins". The article (the last half of it) tells how thousands of ballots still didn't count; disregarded on techicalities, though it was obvious who was voted for.

Force the NY Times to publish the 2000 Florida Recount (tags)


COUP WATCH: Last Florida Recount Links / Message From Canada -- Red Rock Eater (tags)

Last Installment of daily links re Florida recount, with a message of hope for the future from the functioning democracy on our northern border: it can be done!

COUP WATCH: Nov. 29 Florida Recount Links -- From Red Rock Eater News Service (tags)

Florida Recount Links of the day & beyond from Red Rock Eater News Service.

COUP WATCH: Nov. 12 Florida Recount -- Other States, Too? -- From Red Rock Eater (tags)

Sunday, Nov. 12: The press reports that if the Bush campaign fails in its attempt to suppress the hand recounts of voters' ballots that are provided by Florida law, as seems likely, then they will implement a "scorched-earth" plan involving legal challenges to the election outcomes in Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Florida Recount Update Links & Messages-- From Red Rock Eater News Service (tags)

Three messages about the Florida recount. First from is someone who says his mom was a Palm Beach County precinct clerk, second is from Michael Moore about the elderly Jewish voters in Palm Beach County upset at having accidentily voted for Pat Buchanan, third is a provisional analysis of the patterns in the Florida vote recount. Also more links.

COUP WATCH: Florida Recount -- From Red Rock Eater News Service (tags)

This is the first of a series of Red Rock Eater News Service updates on what is essentially a coup in progress in Florida. As always, the RRE emphasis is on presenting the best available information & we're extremely pleased to be sharing this with our IMC readers.

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