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Announcement of the Honest Votiting Act of 2005 Petition Drive.

RAWHIDE (tags)

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has reviewed tapes and transcripts of traders from various companies, and says they took the song Rawhide, wrote new lyrics, and sang it on the trading floor. . .

"What we need to do is to help in the cause of, ah, downfall of California" (tags)

..."Wow,'' says another employee, "f--k 'em, right!"...

Supreme Court Rejects Fascist Lockyer's Appeal; Cooper & Workingclass Prevail (tags)

At 8:19 p.m., the US Supreme Court rejected the fascist appeal of that good Democrat, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, of the 9th Circuit Stay of Execution of Kevin Cooper, thus guaranteeing that Kevin Cooper lives to see another day and signaling to the world that the workingclass prevails in this fight against the anti-labor weapon of terror of the capitalist class, the death penalty.

Inglewood Union Rally (tags)

Thousands of labor, janitorial, longshoremen and many other unions joined the UCFW union for a massive march in Inglewood. California Attorney General Bill Lockyer repeated Friday's announcement that he plans to sue the grocery store chains that are involved in the strike for allegedly creating a profit sharing pact that violates anti-trust laws.

Medical Marijuana Protest in Sacramento on Monday (tags)

Thousands of patients, caregivers, students and concerned citizens will march to the state capital this Monday, Sept 23 to decry the Ashcroft Justice Department’s accelerated war on state approved and licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in California which serve mostly terminally ill patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other ailments.

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