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This Week in Palestine, May 5, 2017 (tags)

Ex-Palestinian political detainee dies this week due to hunger strike as more political detainees join the protest, in the meantime US President Trump promise this week to push the stalled peace process forward. These stories, and more, coming up, stay tuned.

Decades of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Failure : 50 Reasons Why (tags)


Israel Gives Chutzpah New Meaning (tags)


Waging War Without Declaring It (tags)


Occupied Palestine: Good News and Bad (tags)

Far more of the latter than former

Israel's East Jerusalem Linked Settlement Expansion (tags)

continued land theft

The Quartet's Hypocrisy and Failure in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Quartet's complicity in Israeli war crimes

The Truth About How Israel Screws Over The Palestinians (tags)

The Israeli Government maintains a "Matrix Of Control" over the 3 million Muslim And Christian Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. In most areas they cannot get an Israeli Military "building permit". When they do build a home anyway, it gets bulldozed

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