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The Struggle against Aggressive Tax Avoidance (tags)

Experts estimate a fifth of world wealth is hidden from the tax authorities of states and considerable parts of international corporate profits are not taxed. Google and Amazon parked billions in shadow financial centers. Tax avoidance makes a functioning state impossible

Renters Pay the Bill for Market Failure and State Failure (tags)

The extensive privatizations of the last 15 years have contributed to a market radicalization. Privatization was the door opener for the growing influence of financial market logic in housing. Developing a cooperative or nonprofit sector is a necessary and feasible alternative.

Unwanted Refugees: EU Countries Block Borders (tags)


Defiant Charlie Hebdo (tags)

police state

Hypocrisy in Paris (tags)


Depositor Haircuts: The New Normal (tags)

class war

The Nakba: Before and After (tags)


Deepening Greek Tragedy (tags)

class war

Bailout Roulette (tags)


BBC: Imperial Tool (tags)

People confuse what BBC reports with news.

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