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Fascist US House Members Declare War on Russia (tags)


No Let Up in Intense Anti-Russian Propaganda (tags)


We're glad Saddam is captured but.... (tags)

However, there is no but.

Rush the junkie deserves better treatment than he’d allow others (tags)

The fact is that narcotic addicts can - if adequately supplied with their drugs - lead perfectly productive lives.

1,500 protest against war in DC (tags)

15-hundred people opposed to war in Iraq have staged a peaceful protest outside the U-S Capitol in freezing weather during Bush's speech.

The Corporations That Supplied Iraq's Weapons Program (tags)

Even before Iraq released its weapons-program dossier on 7 December 2002, it was said that the report would name the corporations that supplied Iraq with the equipment and other material it needed to develop biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Soon after the report was released, those suspicions were confirmed.

The Bushist Chronicle (tags)

Mind Control!

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