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Vive l'anarchie vive l'humanité (tags)

La société de la propriété...

Vive l'anarchie vive l'humanité (tags)

L'anarchie le dernier espoir de l'humanité...

France: Vive les mutins de Vincennes! (tags)

Vive les mutins de Vincennes!

Llamado a la movilización por Oaxaca (EZLN) y mensaje de la APPO (tags)

llamado a la movilización por oaxaca y mensaje de la APPO

"Y Si Nos Echan----Nos Regresamos!" (tags)

We are Here, and We are Not Going. And if you take us Away-- We will Return!

Protest held today at Mexican Consulate (tags)

20 adherents of la otra campaña protested earlier today at the Mexican consulate in downtown san diego to support vendors in Texcoco.

Vive La Paix! Action at French Consulate Tomorrow (Thurs)at Noon (tags)

Bring flowers, tricouleurs, croissants, brie, mimes, dog eared copies of Les Miserables for a rally/ delegation at French Consulate Thurs. 2/20 12:15PM at 10990 Wishire Blvd(at Veteran.) Vive La Resistance! Vive Le Veto! Allons Enfants!

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