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Bill to Protect Seniors a Whitewash (tags)

S. 1744 fails to address the gangrene associated with court supervised adult guardianships.

U.S. Election 2012- Stewart Alexander: Obama’s Budget is a Plan for Austerity (tags)

President Obama’s budget will face an uphill battle in Congress because it fails to reign-in spending and will increase the federal debt by more than $20 billion over the next decade. Republicans in Congress have failed to offer any viable alternatives to the president’s budget proposals, leaving millions of working people discouraged, believing that congressional Republicans are part of the problem rather than offering leadership for solutions.

Bush is a Fraud (tags)

Bush tries to make cheap political capital out of the Shiavo tragedy, but fails to act.

EMpire doesn't know where Home is (tags)

The world need to kn ow just how ignorant and screwed up people in the US are. Go to a mall or fancy health food store and watch all of thge fat hippies spending ten dollars for fresh organic soy bean snacls and bottledwater. Hope you laugh as you virtually choke them(YOU?)

Green Party In Power Fails The Test In Santa Cruz (tags)

Homelessness and political repression, the Green Party fails the test in Santa Cruz California

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