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camera claudio, usuraio immobiliare (tags)

camera claudio imprenditore edile bolognese è un criminale incallito

camera claudio, squalo immobiliare (tags)

camera claudio, criminale palazzinaro bolognese

camera claudio, speculatore (tags)

camera claudio palazzinaro della rolecos e camera&donati spa, è un farabutto il cui posto è in galera

camera claudio, usuraio immobiliare (tags)

camera claudio da Bologna è un criminale

immobiliaristi criminali : camera claudio (tags)

camera claudio da bologna è un delinquente matricolato e il suo posto è in galera

International Women's Day in the Philippines (tags)

Women groups hail ‘triple wins,’ but warn of complacency

PHILIPPINES: Akbayan Lawmakers want Marcos declared ?enemy of democracy? (tags)

Coinciding with the 39th year anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, Akbayan lawmakers today filed a resolution urging the House of Representatives to officially declare former dictator Ferdinand Marcos an ?enemy of democracy.?

US-Arroyo Regime Beat a Retreat : Stop Con-ass now (tags)

President Macapagal-Arroyo, sensing grave political fall-out from her manuverings, had instructed her political affairs adviser Gabriel Claudio on Friday to “order” the lawmakers allied with her to drop the constituent assembly (Con-ass) as a means of changing the Constitution, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said yesterday.

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