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Donald Trump Makes Ukraine's Enemies List (tags)


IRS Scandal: More Than Meets the Eye (tags)


Nominee Hagel Bullied by Neocon Servants of Military-Industrial Complex (tags)

The neocon servants of the military-industrial complex (Lindsay Graham, etc...) have revealed their true allegience to the Zionist state of Israel and against the will of the U.S. people. Their betrayal of former friend and fellow Republican Chuck Hagel, a true conservative who doesn't want to waste taxpayer money on never ending wars, is evidence enough of their deception of U.S. interests in favor of Zionist Israel.

Hillary's Enemies List (by Philip Giraldi) (tags)

Hillary's Enemies List (by Philip Giraldi)

We Need More Anonymous Sources, Not Fewer (tags)

If the corporate media want viewers and readers to hold them in higher regard, they need to start doing real reporting again, and making aggressive use of anonymous sources who can point them to where there is corruption and abuse of power. The alternative is a media that just purveys press handouts. ------------------

The Zionist Hate Machine (tags)

A quick survey of Zionist hate mongering...

On Ashcroft's Enemies List (tags)

On Ashcroft's Enemies List

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