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KPFK is going topsy-turvy, still, with employees and unions (tags)

KPFK is drowning in employee-union problems with emails flying from programmers affected and some untangling of what is actually occuring hard to comprehend. But here are excerpts from an informatory website that regularly offers some answers as no one else can, it seems.

Jews yes, Israel no (tags)

Anti-Semites conflate Jews with Zionists. It's simply untrue. No, all Jews are not Zionists. Anyone who tells you they are is a racist liar. Here's an old post from SF-IMC that proves the point.

Michael Moore endorses Wes Clark (tags)

If you've heard Wes Clark is a republican, Michael Moore is here to set the record straight.


"If and when 'Aurora' makes its appearance, it is expected to be able to do upwards of Mach 5 or 6 - it is a hypersonic plane built, according to certain sources, on the 'waverider' principle, utilizing 'pulsed wave detonation engines' that employ a unique means of external combustion. Such a hypersonic plane, even if not radar-invisible, would have little trouble penetrating most air defenses at such velocities, and probably could strike with complete anonymity...."

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