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Medical Marijuana defendants face 7 years in prison - Trial set to start (tags)

Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron have been offered a two felony deal with no jail time if they plead guilty. Both have refused, insisting that their medical marijuana collective activities are legal under state law. Medical Marijuana is an affirmative defense meaning the defendants must prove their innocence similarly to a self defense level of proof. This gives tremendous power to California judges who can ensure a guilty plea by denying a medical defense. Judge Charles Sheldon, Dept. K has already declared that he will not allow a jury to hear the truth, he will not allow patients to testify or expert witnesses on California medical marijuana issues. If they are convicted, both face up to 7 years in state prison.

Joe The Plumber The Newest Member of The Employee Free Choice Act Union Busting Club (tags)

Joe The Plumber The One Man Band Enlisted To Campaign Against Employee Free Choice Act


Joe Strummer Of The Clash Dead At 50

Joe Veale speaks at the PCLA (tags)

Joe Veale of the Revolutionary Communist Party speaks at the People's Convention, L.A. on August 11, 2000, at Belmont High School.

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