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La Monarquía de Felipe VI y la III República (tags)

La abdicación del rey Juan Carlos I a favor de su hijo Felipe tiene como objetivo, únicamente, reestructurar algunos aspectos de la forma del Estado.

Una historia conmovedora en estos tiempos tan dificiles. (tags)

En estos tiempos donde la discriminacion y la apatia e indiferencia no son mutualmente exclusivas, necesitamos tener el valor de enfrentar a todos aquellos que hacen de menos a nuestras hermanas y hermanos que aun luchan dia tras dia por sus derechos.

Leftist Union Leaders Assassinated in Venezuela (tags)

On November 27, three leftist union leaders in the Venezuelan state of Aragua – Richard Gallardo, Luis Hernández and Carlos Requena – were gunned down by an assassin. The murder came hours after the unionists had led a workers occupation of a Colombian-owned milk plant which had been brutally broken up by state police. All three were leaders of the UNT (National Workers Union) and of the USI (Socialist Left Unity), a party which has opposed attempts by the government of Hugo Chávez to impose state control of labor, and has fought the rightist opposition backed by imperialism. They may have been murdered by assassins hired by the Colombian company, by elements connected to the police of outgoing state governor, a former Chávez ally, or by supporters of a current official of the governing United Socialist Party. In any case, despite Chávez’ socialist rhetoric, the reality of the bourgeois Bolivarian “revolution” in Venezuela today is that leftist unionists are murdered while the forces of capitalist state repression back up the bosses. While many leftists have called on the Chávez government to investigate, Trotskyists call for organizing workers defense guards and imposing workers control of production. Venezuela today is stuck at a crossroads. Building a Bolshevik-type workers party based on Trotsky’s program of permanent revolution is key.

Pinochet, chief of the mass murderers, dies (tags)

His death does not mark the end of Pinochetism. People are declaring themselves admirers of his work. Some more shamefully than others, they declare themselves his admirers, his followers, his heirs. They must pay for his entire legacy. The indictment for the crimes of Pinochet's dictatorship, which the human rights organizations have upheld valiantly and tirelessly for years, against his civilian and military collaborators, does not expire with the death of their leader.

Abajo las leyes racistas del imperialismo norteamericano (tags)

Declaración de la Fracción Trotskista - Cuarta Internacional Abajo las leyes racistas del imperialismo norteamericano Por la unidad de la clase obrera, todo el apoyo a los inmigrantes en Estados Unidos Fuera el imperialismo de América Latina

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