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human rights record

UN Human Rights Committee Denounces US Human Rights Record (tags)

police state

Human Rights Day 2013 (tags)

human rights

America's Deplorable Human Rights Record (tags)

police state

America's Appalling Human Rights Record (tags)

human rights

New UN Report Denounces America's Human Rights Record (tags)

America defiles human rights laws

China detains 6 for Tibet protest at Great Wall (tags)

Today’s protest is also directed at the International Olympic Committee for failing to fulfill its commitment to hold the Chinese government accountable with regards to its human rights record. In 2002, IOC President Jacques Rogge said, “If … human rights are not acted upon [by China] to our satisfaction then we will act.” (2) According to a report released by Human Rights Watch last week, “the Chinese government shows no substantive progress in addressing long-standing human rights concerns.” (3)

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