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Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerks are Key to Integrity Failure of the US Courts (tags)

US Congress is called upon to take action to restore the integrity of the US Courts, through placing the Clerks under authority of the US Attorney General and enacting federal rules of PACER and CM/ECF.

TransUnity (tags)

final images of TransUnity - Sunday. I wasn't there for the short-film festival, but check on the MySpace site. Maybe someone will post there.

TransUnity - workshops & Resource Festival (1 of 3) (tags)

TransUnity show & awards - Page 2 (tags)

page 2 - images from the show & the awards ceremony Trans-Unity Pride 8 —"Everything Changes"—is the eighth annual substance-free celebration for transgender, transsexual, gender-queer and cross-dressing individuals and all those who love them.

Total control by IAO (tags)

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