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red tide

Sugar Plantation s in South FL add pesticide to farmland near Everglades r red tide 50 (tags)

Florida is in the top 5 agricultural produces. While farm laborers have earned many victories, little aatention covers the gallons of liquid and dry pesticides that are part of the cultivation rows. Sugar plantations are part of the farming history of Louisiana. Large scale cultivation has left Louisiana for farms in Mejico.

Iran's Election and US - Iranian Relations (tags)

evidence US instigating protests and violence

Doomsday for the Dollar (tags)

Doomsday for the Dollar

Florida's ecosystem, civil rights under attack (tags)

Florida's ecosystems, human and civil rights all coming under attack by corporate influenced development. Some ideas for local communities in FL to regain their health, land and dignity from profit hungry corporations.

Red tide (tags)

red tide

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