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NEZAPAN (tags)

And then the future will come upon us to witness the inauguration of THE BLACK AND WHITE RECORDS' Pictures Division with the most modern Buildings and Studios that we will seem to be in The 25th Century that to compare them with The Disney Brothers Studios would look like the same from 1920, meanwhile la-blacky post address Will be over The 7 Street and The Pantitlán Avenue.

a short history of chemtrails (tags)

Misinformation is when you have been misinformed. Disinformation is when you have been dissed.

Unhoused and Mentally Ill in Venice (tags)

The way City of Los Angeles deals with unhoused people suffering with mental illness should be dismantled and defunded.

More Pix: "Families Belong Together," Pasadena (tags)

Additional pictures of Saturday's march in Pasadena.

TPP Protesters Greet President Obama in Beverly Hills — in Pictures (tags)

[This is a subset of the full article, which was posted to LA Progressive. ]

Oracion para desesperar (tags)

Oracion para desesperar

a visionary's report: our obligation to defend victims of war: the CHILDREN! (tags)

A visionary way to bring warriors to their knees before the next war (tho war is perpetual)

Hunter Moore, and Cyber Rape (tags)

Cyber rape is a disturbing trend in which websites upload copyright-protected naked images in order to trash reputations and end careers; and of course, make money. I spent a heart-wrenching week consoling victims.

Pictures of Occupy L.A. (Oct. 24, 2011) (tags)

Pictures of my visit to Occupy L.A. on Monday afternoon.

Pix of Occupy LA 10/13/11 (tags)

These pictures were taken in the middle of the day. Even though this was a relatively slow time, it was exciting.

Refugees and migrants are tortured in Greece (tags)

Medical treatment and legal aid is required for the victims of tortures (at least three of them are of Kurdish origin; therefore, may very well be prima facie refugees) who are being detained after the raid of the Greek police in Egoumenitsa, Greece on 18 August 2011.

You are not Authorized to See These Pictures of the Oil Spill, Citizen...Do Not Look! (tags)

The title is a parody of the fact that the government has effectively made it a felony to take pictures of oiled wildlife.


Now we can starve seeing beautiful space pictures!

Thirteen new photos from inside occupied Carter-Huggins Hall (UCLA/Campbell Hall) (tags)

Thirteen new pictures shed light on the written expressions of the opening hours of the UCLA insurgency from last week

A few pictures from inside occupied Campbell-Huggins Hall (tags)

Fourteen new pictures from inside the recent occupation at UCLA show student-improved admin whiteboards, etc.

Fight for our Lives - 5th set of videos (tags)

5th set of videos from the protest

Fight for our Lives -4th set of videos (tags)

4th set of video

Fight for our Lives -3rd set of videos (tags)

3rd set of video

Fight for our Lives - 2nd set of videos (tags)

2nd set of videos

video from Fight for our Lives (tags)

some video from the protest

Fight for our Lives - HIV Budget Protest (5th set) (tags)

5th set of images from today's protest against the proposed cut of HIV from the general funds

Fight for our Lives - HIV Budget Protest (4th set) (tags)

4th set of images from today's protest about the proposed cut of all HIV funding from the general funds.

Fight for our Lives - HIV Budget Protest (3rd set) (tags)

pictures from today's rally against the budget cuts which threaten to dismantle HIV/AIDS prevention, care, etc.

Local activists oppose police, minuteman harassment of day laborers (pictures) (tags)

Here are some pictures of the activists--and the Minutemen--addressing the city council.

11-15-08 downtown Prop 8 demo (1) (tags)

1st set of pictures from the Prop 8 demo

Prop 8 Demo in Westwood (2nd set of pics) (tags)

2nd set of pictures

Protesting Democrats (more pictures) (tags)

More pictures of the protest outside the Democratic debate on January 31.

Grand Opening: School of the Americas Watch West (more pics) (tags)

Additional pictures of the vigil to close the School of the Americas.

The MMJ Movement A Story In Pictures (tags)

This story is about the struggle to save Medical Marijuana from the death grip of the DEA.

Aerial view of March 17th LA March (tags)

Peace Plane flew over Hollywood/Vine between 12:15-12:45 PM 3-17-07 Stop Funding the War!

Abraham's Music Collective Shutdown; The Pictures; Round III (tags)

Abraham's Music Collective Shutdown; The Pictures; Round III

Abraham's Music Collective Shutdown...Second Round Of Pictures (tags)

Abraham's Music Collective Shutdown; The Pictures; Round II

Anti War Protest in LA (tags)

Pictures of the anti war protest in Los Angeles, with Ron Kovics and Cindy Sheehan, Saturday January 27, 2007

Reuters Pictures of the Year 2006 - Political World (tags)

Victor Ruiz Caballero, Benoit Tessier, Jiro Ose

Transgender Day of Remembrance - SPEAKERS 2 (tags)

11/20/06 DOR part 5

Transgender Day of Remembrance - SPEAKERS (tags)

11/20/06 DOR - PART 4

The Red Cross Ambulance Incident (tags)

The Red Cross Ambulance Incident How the Media Legitimized an Anti-Israel Hoax and Changed the Course of a War

Heart-rending pictures of the IDF's handiwork (tags)

WARNING: EXTREMELY graphic and disturbing pictures of murder victims

Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice (tags)

Man Arrested For Shooting Photo Of Police Activity

Censorship of News out of Lebanon (tags)

Note from Lebanon (tags)

by Rania Masri

Images from S. Lebanon You Won't See in the US Press. (tags)

'" Dear friends and colleagues ,You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the Israelis in South Lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help.

Children die in convoy attack as Israel widens Lebanon assault (tags)

'" Dear friends and colleagues ,You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the Israelis in South Lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help. I am almost certain these pictures won't be published in the West, although they are Associated Press pictures. I need your help exposing them if you can..."

How US Wars are Sold (tags)

One of the oldest representative democracies of the world changed in the First World War into a controlled undemocratic form of state..Local stations eagerly accepted the free propaganda films.

Normalizing War (tags)

The pictures from the torture hell are the tip of the iceberg of an occupation hated nationwide.


May Day 2006 Pictures (tags)

Pictures from May Day 2006 in Los Angeles

Pictures from Immigration March 3-25 (tags)

Pictures from Immigration March 3-24

Between Half-million and One Million People Protest against Anti-Immigrant Law (tags)

Hollywood Antiwar Pictures (tags)

Pictures of the Antiwar Demonstration in Hollywood on Saturday, March 18, 2006.

protest pictures (tags)

3 of the million pictures i took tonight haha

Photographs From Iraq: December 2005 (tags)

A selection of photos taken in Iraq, mostly from December 2005, depicting everything from insurgents running a polling station to massive protests against fraud in the election to a day of riots in Kirkuk.

The Way of the Hero and the Loss of the Center (tags)

The demystification of the world through science is both a gain in enlightenment and a loss..Natural phenomena have lost their symbolic content..We no longer experience ourselves as part of a world to which every-thing is significant.

Bush Wanted to Bomb the Al Jazeera Broadcasting Center (tags)

According to the memo, Blair dissuaded Bush from the plan that would make the position of the US and Great Britian completely incredible and provoke a worldwide storm of protest.

South Central Farmers Benefit Pictures (tags)

Pictures from SSF Benefit

Society without Make-Up (tags)

After the disastrous hurricane Katrina, the rage over the inactivity of the authorities was great. However the censors appeared with their moralizing undertone when indignation was first heard in the media.

US Solders Posting Pictures of Iraqis killed to access porn (tags)

The pictures below are graphic and should not be viewed by those who do not wish to see the reality of US foreign policy.

They shouldn't be sent home like this (tags)

A collection of casket pictures the media doesn't show to not discourage support for the war

Bush Whacker (tags)

Here are a few pictures from the Bush protest I took early in the day. The rally was a success with more than 200 people at its height I would' estimate

Pictures from Campo Anti-MM Protest (resized) (tags)

**RESIZED** Pictures from Campo Anti-MM Protest July 16, 2005

How The Media Lies (tags)

The Media calls itself "fair & balanced" but thier own pictures show how they lie to mold our perceptions to suit big business & Government

More Baldwin Park pictures (tags)

More pictures from Baldwin Park . . .

Dear handicapped Friend! (tags)

Bringing 'US Democracy': the DREAD WEAPON SYSTEM: Devastating, Jam Proof, and Silent - No heat, no recoil, no sound, no gunpowder, no flash - just 120,000 rounds per minute of pulverizing (democracy) power.

Save Our State Vigilantes Becoming More Militant and Violent in their Rhetoric (tags)

The Vigilantes that conducted the racist protest in Baldwin Park yesterday are now responding to their unpopularity by posting increasingly violent and racist messages, urging each other to step up actions against Latin American and Mexican people.

Minute Men Target Laguna Beach Day Laborers (tags)

**Please Circulate**

Is this Happening? (tags)

For about one year I have noticed and experienced the strangest things. around me..



Chemtrails & EM = transmitters & receivers? (tags)

Can Ya'll Help Me Get This Info & Pictures Around the World?

Warning: Graphic Photos : Anger over U.S. Forces posting photos of Iraqi war dead on Inter (tags)

Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet

Shocking images of Iraqi family slaughtered under US fire (tags)

WARNING: This gallery contains graphic images Shocking images of Iraqi family slaughtered under US fire

Falluja in Pictures (tags)

Fallujah in Pictures Pictures from Fallujah that probably won't be on your television.

High Election Turnout in West Hollywood (tags)

Voted today in West Hollywood Park around 11 am. Polling place was very busy for that time of day but poll workers were very well prepared and lines were very short (average of less than one minute wait).

October 22nd National Day Protest Against Police Brutality (tags)

Pictures from the rally (mostly Anarchist Black Bloc and Punk Rockers)



Anti-Occupation Protest Downtown LA June 5th, 2004 (2 of 2) (tags)

Last 10 of 20 pictures of the demonstration against U.S. Occupations held in downtown Los Angeles on June 5, 2004.

Anti-Occupation Protest Downtown LA June 5th, 2004 (1 of 2) (tags)

First 10 of 20 pictures of the demonstration against U.S. Occupations held in downtown Los Angeles on June 5, 2004.

Torture and Brutality, America's New World Order (tags)

After failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or identifying any connection between Saddam Hussein?s regime and al Qaeda, the US government tried to justify its bloody war on the people of Iraq by asserting that it freed Iraqi people from a brutal and fascist regime. They claimed that the world had become safer without the Baath regime and that the US would build the first democracy in the Arab world as a symbol and role model for other countries in the region.

CBS and Dan Rather Part of Plot to Terrorize Iraqis (tags)

The Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse pictures scream 'remember 9/11' and intensify the fear in the hearts of Muslims all over the world. Could it be that CBS and Dan Rather were cooperating with the United States Government in the psychological operation of showing the pictures to Iraqis and terrorists to get them to turn.




The pictures of prison abuses didn't hurt "American Troops or Civilians" (in Iraq or elsewhere), they helped them; but, in some respects, they did hurt those in Iraq, presently, because they're opposing the U.S. Constitution (because they're engaged in crime)......a constitution, which all troops have oathed to support and defend, but our troops (and Administration), as those of past Administrations, don't even-know what that Constitution requires (or don't care).......

The True Face of War Just Won't Go Away (tags)

"Perhaps if we saw more of the true face of war in all its disgusting horror we'd be a little less quick to accept its necessity from politicians.. Already it begins to look like President george W. Bush's political Waterloo.."

U.S. atrocities in Iraq (tags)

ROBERT FISK: An illegal and immoral war, betrayed by images that reveal our racism (tags)

First, our enemies created the suicide bomber. Now, we have our own digital suicide bomber, the camera. Just look at the way US army reservist Lynndie England holds the leash of the naked, bearded Iraqi. Take a close look at the leather strap, the pain on the prisoner's face. No sadistic movie could outdo the damage of this image. In September 2001, the planes smashed into the buildings; today, Lynndie smashes to pieces our entire morality with just one tug on the leash.

'Fake' Iraqi photos remind Rush of Lincoln Center (tags)

Rush speculates that the photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse are faked--even so he finds them rather tame; "I mean this is something you can see at Lincoln Center from an NEA grant, maybe on Sex in the City: the Movie."

Pictures and story of Tortured people of Iraq (tags)


LA4DC Pro-Choice Rally (tags)

Pictures from the LA4DC Pro-Choice Rally today at the Westwood Federal Building.

Cesar Chavez March & Rally (tags)

On Saturday, March 27th, thousands of students and workers took the streets of Los Angeles in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the success of Cesar Chavez immigrant rights movement. United Farm Workers (UFW) organized the event. Among other major organizations that promoted the march were the following unions: SEIU, AFL-CIO, and CLC. To my estimation, between three to five thousands people marched in the street of LA..........BELOW FIND A 35 SECONDS VIDEO AND 7 PICTURES.

Pictures of 3/20/04 March Vs. Occupation in Hollywood (2 of 2) (tags)

Pictures from the March against War and Occupation that was held in Hollywood, CA on March 20th, 2004.

Pictures of 3/20/04 March Vs. Occupation in Hollywood (1 of 2) (tags)

Pictures from the March against War and Occupation that was held in Hollywood, CA on March 20th, 2004.

People Against Wars (tags)

Saturday, March 20th, in Hollywood, California, about 15,000 people protested the wars in Iraq, Palestine, and everywhere. .....Below find SEVEN PICTURES AND A 35 SECONDS VIDEO

LA Protest Against Wars (tags)

People who were accomadating the American Empire with their silence are now coming back on the street to protest the wars in the Middle East--in Iraq and Palestine......... Below find SIX PICTURES AND A 35 SECONDS VIDEO.

collect evidence in streets today if police riot (tags)

For today's protests, make sure to collect the spent evidence of police riot materials afterwards. Take pictures of cops without name tags. Dress as Santa. Take fake babies to the front lines...

Silvia Cattori : BBC The child victims of repeated lies (tags)

This is the commentary that accompanied the BBC's televised pictures of Palestinian children from Balata camp (1) throwing rocks at a tank : "The violence in Palestine continues ».

In the midst of Miami's FTAA chaos we fed the homeless and guerrilla stickered the city (tags)

Despite all the bad images and problems of the FTAA protest there was some very positive things that also happened. There were many people that took time to commit acts of social responsibility and acts of kindness.

The people are the enemy (tags)

A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage.

More pictures of LA protest (tags)

Some more pictures of Bush visit to LA.


The Glorious Army of Liberation and their Humane Treatment of the Loving Iraqi multitudes.

More May Day Pictures (tags)

Just a few more pictures and comments.

LAPD infiltrates protestors to watch the Black Bloc (tags)

LAPD infiltrates protestors to watch the Black Bloc. Some pictures and a brief description.

Pictures from American prison in Iraq (tags)

the pictures say enough about american arrogancy on the nude body of an iraq prisoner an american or american friend wrote in arab: "Ali Baba thief"

Pictures of the movment (tags)

Hundreds of pictures of demonstration (porto alegre, Florence, Roma...)

History 101 (with pictures) (tags)

All the best history classes show pictures. Here are some of mine.

GREAT anti-war satirical piece (tags)

great satire, but also very informative

Pictures from M30 March (tags)

Pictures from M30 March and Rally from Pershing Square to Downtown Federal Building.

Good news from Iraq! (tags)

Good news! Iraqi's shoot down another U.S. helicopter!

Tape confiscated in DC (tags)

Tape confiscated by government in DC, journalists in Iraq..

Eye Witness: COPS FEAR ART! (tags)

An account of my experience of the protests at Hollywood and Vine on Saturday March 22 and the arrest I endured there after.


Al-Jazeera television broadcast pictures of the bodies of several American soldiers. Watch the footage here...

As Night Comes Steppin' In... (tags)

I've been sitting here like this in front of my computer for four - five nights staring out into the night, through the news reports, photos and videos into hell.

Pictures of Hollywood March on CNN Saturday March 22 (tags)

Pictures of Hollywood March on CNN

Hollywood March 22nd CNN Protest (tags)

Pictures from the Hollywood demonstration on March 22nd, in which we marched from Hollywood and Vine to CNN.

pictures you will NEVER see on US TV (tags)

The Right-wing junta is creating another cycle of hate against America, built on a war justified by a massive pile of lies. Thanks Dubya.

Photographs from around Westwood Federal Building, March 21st (tags)

A few pictures taken around Westwood federal building this evening at about 1700 and 2200.

3/19/03 Westwood Demonstration Pictures (tags)

Account with Pictures of Antiwar Demonstration at Westwood Federal Building March 19, 2003.

L.A. Antiwar March 3/15/03 (tags)

Pictures of Huge L.A. Antiwar March Defying Bush and the Rain on 3/15/03


These are pictures from another Protest today against police brutality and justice for the murder of Gonzalo Martinez

Real Last Pics for J/11 LA (tags)

Last batch of pictures from J/11 LA. 28 pictures total.

Protest Pictures (tags)

A few more pictures for posterity.

Pictures from the Anti-INS Immigrant Rights Protest (tags)

Pictures from the Anti-INS Immigrant Rights Protest against the arbitrary detainment of Iranian and Arab Americans!!!

San Francisco March Pictures (tags)

100,000+ took to the streets of San Francisco on Saturday October 26th To Stop Bush's war on Iraq!

pictures of Oct.22 march against police brutality (tags)

pictures of Oct. 22nd rally against police brutality, the size of the rally is growing year after year

not for the squeamish: DU and birth deformities in iraq (tags)

birth deformities in iraq. Use of DU should be a war crime(but then US has put itself beyod the law)

Neo-Nazi Poses with Las Vegas Police (tags)


War Powers Abuses (tags)

Discussion of specifics regarding FBI's abuse of power.

Vancouver Radical History Webpage (tags)

The Keeping Time website, a radical history of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, has been updated with new info, pictures, and links. Strikes, riots, occupations, squatting, and more.

More Mcarthur Park Rally Pictures (tags)

Pictures from Coalition for World Peace rally at Macarthur Park on 9/8/2002

From the West the West Bank (tags)

Tamara Rettino, a Young Jewish-American Woman Shares Stories & Pictures of her Journey to Occupied Palestine.Tamara's first public speaking engagement, will happen just one week after leaving the occupied Palestinian territories. She is the only Jewish activist from the Los Angeles area to join in this year's International Solidarity Movement's Freedom Summer, where she spent six weeks under fire in Ramallah, Gaza and Jenin.

Indymedia: an anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic Website (tags)

The site is dedicated to Jewish-Christian relations and to the ongoing conflict in Israel/palestine.

Little Pictures, EARTH CITIZEN, Global Campaign... Click here http://www.rogerar (tags)

Little Pictures, EARTH CITIZEN, Global Campaign... Click here Can You Do... the EARTH CITIZEN HANDSHAKE ???

Israeli Defense Forces execute Palestinian civilian (tags)

The following pictures were published in a number of Arab media outlets -- they show an unarmed Palestinian civilian, Mahmood Salah, held down, stripped, and executed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

More "official" lies about 911 falling apart (tags)

Please read this and view the pictures. If these pictures are real, and I believe that they are since they are "officially released" pictures, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT A BOEING 757 IMPACTED THE PENTAGON AND THEN EXPLODED!!

More "official" lies about 911 falling apart (tags)

Please read this and view the pictures. If these pictures are real, and I believe that they are since they are "officially released" pictures, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT A BOEING 757 IMPACTED THE PENTAGON AND THEN EXPLODED!!

Never Again?? Camp X-Ray Slideshow (tags)

You have to look at this “slideshow” of 21 photos of Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay. Have you ever seen pictures of Nazi concentration camps? Then these photos will look familiar.

news and views from around the globe (tags)

Millions of Americans settle into their couches with bowls of popcorn, bags of potato chips, and diet cola. They enjoy the color pictures on the evening news report of bombs exploding in Afghanistan. Pictures of explosions are always popular in America, no matter what their meaning or origin.

12 pics of Injured Children of Afghanistan (tags)

From Al Jazeera TV, Abunimah has 12 pictures of children of Afghanistan injured by US bombs. These are the "collateral damage" referred to by the fascist US military, its commander in chief, "President" Bush, and all who support war in the Senate and House of Representatives, which is all but 1. See:

Palestinian Celebrations Possibly Staged (tags)

Translation from German article (Spiegel) asserting that Palestinian celebrations may have been staged.

In pictures: Mayhem in Genoa (tags)

The protesters aimed to disrupt the G8 summit


See the images of the protests brought back by film and digital photographers.

Cartoon and more pictures of Mayday 2001 (tags)

Against capitalism and the state !

Pictures from Quebec City (tags)

Against Ftaa

Pictures of demos against World Economic Forum - Davos - Switzerland (tags)

Pictures of demos against World Economic Forum - Davos - Switzerland

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