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OBEY Clothing Partner with Children Incorporated (tags)

OBEY Clothing Partner with Children Incorporated on New Tee-Shirts Designed by Artist Shepard Fairey

Priority One: Stopping Obama's Rage for War (tags)


Fear Flu spreading, it's not virus a - but mutating behavioral reactions...why ? (tags)

Fear is main symptom going around globally. It is not flu-like but hurts just the same. What is happening besides contamination & proliferation of 'mass media' fear-mongering exaggerations ? Check out facts for yourself.

Bad back Boehner (tags)

Is barve today, like Cheney and Bush.

The war is over, let's go home (tags)

Any soldier killed from now is not worth it.

Understanding the Holocaust (tags)

How could it happen and could it happen again?

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