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Ongoing Operation Gladio Redux in Pakistan Written by Zahir Ebrahim (tags)

The sorry fact that the entire establishment of Pakistan, in toto, is self-servingly pitching that imperial narrative while continuing to permit her sovereign territories to be droned by the sole superpower, with occasional outbursts of bravado by her own military in equally futile military operations which mostly kill and displace her own innocent civilians, which in turn naturally seed from amongst the angry and traumatized survivors a continual supply of new recruits into the same terrorist cesspool of suicide bombers, bespeaks of the validity of the common man's rather empirical opinion that childish fools and brigands and blackguards are ruling Pakistan.

Ayman al Zawahiri Says the US and Israel are Facing ALL of Islam (tags)

The only way out is interfaith harmony.

help the earth recover (tags)

Home composting

round up resistant (tags)

Reliance on the Monsanto herbicideRoundup to kill weeds in fields of genetically engineered Roundup Readysoybeans has led to increased herbicide use because the weeds have become herbicide resistant

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