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3,000 Teaches go to Oaxaca in Support of APPO (tags)

Today, the Popular Assembly of the People of Michoacán (APPM) has sent 3,000 Teachers to support APPO in Oaxaca!

Florida's ecosystem, civil rights under attack (tags)

Florida's ecosystems, human and civil rights all coming under attack by corporate influenced development. Some ideas for local communities in FL to regain their health, land and dignity from profit hungry corporations.

Dec. 12- Work Stoppage in Support of SB60 (tags)

see below

Report from Chicago FTAA Consulta (tags)

*** Report from the Chicago Consulta on the FTAA *** On October 11 and 12 over 75 people representing 18 geographic locations came together to help form a strategy to shut down the FTAA Ministerial meetings taking place this November in Miami.

Guatemalan demonstrator marches during work stoppage REUTERS/Mario Linares (tags)

A Guatemalan demonstrator marches during a national one-day work stoppage in Guatemala City August 1, 2001. A national coalition of student, trade unions and business groups called for the protest to oppose a two-point value added tax to 12 percent, that came into effect Wednesday morning. REUTERS/Mario Linares

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