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Troop Movements In CA - strikebreakers? (fwd) (tags)

RUMOR that reserves in Western States being called up to break Longshoreman's strike and lock out in Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and San Diego.

Longshoreman March in Solidarity (tags)

San Francisco April 20, 2002 Longshoreman provide a synchronized drill team to lead the march. Palestinian and worker rights are tops on the list for this local. Please support them if you have an opportunity

Blockade Over/Italian Ship Unloads at Long Beach (tags)

After successful blockades in Portland and Oakland, the Cielo De San Francisco unloaded suprisingly early for the 5 activists who showed up to picket. The ship was blockaded in memory of the ship's links to the brutality of Genoa's G-8 streets.

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