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court martial

We're All Bradley Manning (tags)

police state

Bradley Manning Court-Martial: Secrecy and Injustice on Trial (tags)

police state

Bradley Manning: Profile in Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (tags)

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal (tags)

police state

Koran Burning: Dehumanizing Muslims (tags)

Koran burning

Attorney Richard I. Fine Released (tags)

Bogusly charged attorney released

Interview with a war resister (tags)

Darrell Anderson received a purple heart after being wounded in Iraq, and has since been one of the wars harshest critics. He currently lives in Portland Oregon and continues to speak out against US war crimes committed in Iraq Q: What led you to join the military? A: Basically, I wanted money for education. I wanted a future. At the time I joined, it was a month before the war had started. So, I was ready to go to war, and I had actually joined because I wanted to see combat and wanted to go to war. I believed that If I died for my country, I’d be a hero, and I believed all the propaganda that they feed the youth of the country about war.

URGENT: Take Action to Support US Military Officer Refusing Iraq War (tags)


Defend Pablo: Put the WAR on Trial 3 days of protest and events to support war resister Pablo Paredes as he faces court martial by the US Navy May 10th - May 13th 2005 San Diego, CA

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