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"COINTELPRO" U.K.: Exposing the integral role of British human rights "lawyers" (tags)

The purpose of this article is to show (beyond the obvious of why), who & -how- the biggest “Human Rights”...lawyers in the U.K, not only, work hand in hand with, but are integral -to- COINTELPRO style, state operations, in the U.K.

"Edward II": Diversionary Brings Marlowe's Queer Play to Life (tags)

Film Night at Flor y Canto: March 2003-September 2005 (Part 1 of 2) (tags)

To mark the five-year anniversary of the Eagle Rock Peace Vigil, here is a list of films shown at Flor y Canto over a two-and-a-half year period. These almost-weekly screenings were an outgrowth of the Eagle Rock Vigil. (A link to the rest of this list can be found below in "comments.")

El Libertario # 50: alérgicos a la rutina, incordiando al poder (tags)

* Ya es accesible vía Internet el nuevo número (julio-agosto 2007) del vocero ácrata de ideas y propuestas para la acción, que llega al medio centenar de ediciones reiterando el compromiso con sus objetivos de dar voz a la crítica radical, a la acción social autónoma y al ideal anarquista.

For May Day and Beyond: White People Step Up for Immigrant Rights (tags)

Open Letter to White Communities.

Books of the Year (tags)

Critics name their favourite books of the year 2005

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