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To Chavez, Lula, Requião and Carlos Rovira. (tags)

Remote enawene nawe are only 420 and live mainly on the fishing. They are protesting against the plans of the soybean companies, directed by the greater producers of soybean of the world, the Maggi family, to dam the Juruena river and to obtain hydroelectric energy for the industry.

The Web: Become a Harvard man -- online (tags)

Capitalists make workers obtain degrees online by making them spend their own money.

Research Survey for A Sustainable Clothing Industry (tags)

This is a research survey for my senior thesis examining the clothing choices of socially conscious, politically active, and/or radically thinking individuals, and how these choices can be agents of change for the apparel industry.

Sen. Boxer's Patriot Act amendment (tags)

see below.


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FBI Seized remote backups of (tags)

RaiseTheFist under seige by U.S Government

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