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Orange County Anti-war Demo (tags)

On March 18th, protesters gathered at Hart Park in Orange County to demand the Bush administration bring the troops home from Iraq.

What Democracy, Exactly, Are We Exporting? Let's Hope It's Not Ours (tags)

Long ago, the US stopped making things, and that was it for exporting stuff like TVs, cars, etc. Then America starting outsourcing services, so instead of exporting things like accounting or customer service, we import them. Now Bush says we’re exporting democracy, but if we don’t practice it at home, how can we hope to do that either?

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (tags)

American democracy is up off the canvas. Come November 2, it will knock the power punch-drunk Crawford Chump so far out of the ring, he won’t know what hit him. Copyright © 2004 Mark Drolette. All rights reserved. Commercial use prohibited.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (tags)

56 seconds-The police started pushing us back for no apparent reason. Shortly after a young woman called out "this is what democracy looks like". A group of us got jammed up momentarily in a flower bed, wedged up against a steel rail with no escape route. Then the police started shooting. Oct. 22, 2000 Parker Center Los Angeles

What Democracy in LA looks like: "Is biking a crime?" (tags)

These are images from the DNC protests including the entrapment of critical mass cylists on 8/15/2000. After being escorted by police cruisers, bicycles and motorcycles for nearly an hour, critical mass bicycle riders were corralled under the 10 freeway, violently arrested and detained for nearly 48 hours.

This is What Democracy Looks Like! (tags)

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