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Venezuela: The murderers can not make justice. On the exhumations of the Caracazo (tags)

* Different organizations and individuals from Venezuela with tradition in the social struggles linked to different anti-authoritarian and critical leftist approaches, with whom we have converged at the space called INSURGENTES, set position before the exhumations of the Caracazo.

Report Back From the 16th World Festival of Students in Venezuela (part 2) (tags)

"[The U.S. ruling elites] have a lot to lose because Venezuela is setting an example. If the people of Venezuela are able to struggle and alleviate so much poverty and illiteracy and lack of healthcare in their country, then why can't we do it here as well?" -- Muna Coobtee, delegate, World Festival of Students, 2005

The Marxists in the World Youth Festival (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

Del XVI FMJE al VI FSM: Las pachangas de Chávez en Venezuela (tags)

* Artículo de El Libertario, # 44, septiembre-octubre 2005, donde se expone el tinglado de las mega-ceremonias internacionales con las que el régimen chavista pretende adquirir legitimidad revolucionaria a punta de petrodólares y palabrería.

16th WFSY - Chavez once again calls for socialism as the only way to destroy capitalism (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

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