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The high cost of private profit in health care (tags)

The extra money, extracted from people and from government, are massive subsidies for corporate profit, and gigantic payouts for executives and financiers.


The NIH is spending $3,084 on each citizen estimated as having HIV/AIDS Diabetes kills more Americans than 'AIDS' and breast cancer combined, yet the NIH spends only $80 on each  diabetic Alzheimer's Disease kills 3.3 times more than 'AIDS', yet the NIH spends only $155 on each patient with Alzheimer's Disease

Laughing at KOBE (tags)

The stupidity of KOBE never stops.

Labor 's View: Europe Wins Olympics (tags)

Europe won the 2002 Winter Olympic Games; the United States was a distant second. The Olympics represents the collective wealth of the workers of the world which allows some people to spend their time worrying about figure skating routines. Because labor is better organized in Europe, Europe spends more on social services and less on the military, and has the championship at the Olympics and the better overall health and welfare of its people to show for it.

Public Citizen Report Debunks Drug Industry Claims About Cost of New Drug R&D (tags)

The pharmaceutical industry spends about one-fifth of what it says it spends on the R&D of new drugs--$110 million, not $500 million--destroying the chief argument it uses against making prescription drugs affordable to middle and low-income seniors.

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