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The Different Types of Female Genital Cutting (tags)

Human Rights

6 Arrested in Female Genital Mutilation Business in La Vonia Michigan (tags)

Female Genital Mutilation has been banned in the uS since 1995. It is a rare practice in this country but is in practice in a number of sub saharan countries. It is practiced on girls sometimes with sewing together of the labia and at other times only cutting off oftheclitorisorlabia

Ban Circumcision and Female genital mutilation (tags)

It is tragic that we are adopting a barbaric ritual of male circumcision and female genital mutilation that belongs to Iron age in the twenty-first century. From the moment of birth, every child has all the human rights of any other person - including the inviolable right to freedom from non-consensual, non-therapeutic bodily alternation. Muslim and Jew Males and females are being denied their inherent right to keep all the body parts with which they were born. Fixation of Muslims and Jews with physical matters like on diet, bodily cleanliness and circumcision reveal their spiritual improvishment.

Seal their Mouth Shut and Let Them Starve to Death (tags)

April 8, 2010: The Day of Atonement

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