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Cal Housing Bubble May Burst Soon (tags)

The basic rule of thumb that if you cannot afford to itemize deductions on your income tax form, you cannot afford a house is as true today as ever. A house is just forced savings and if you do not need the tax write-off, you are better off renting. The World Socialist Website has a good analysis of the pending bubble burst of the California housing market, which means now is a good time to sell if your house is not a tax writeoff.

Dr.Strangelove salutes you (tags)

Never seen perish their own children

The End of the World (poem) (tags)

The End of the World (poem)

The Reality of Manifesting a World of Trust (tags)


Destroy The Network By Henry Kissinger(Washington Post) (tags)

An attack such as yesterday's requires systematic planning, a good organization, a lot of money and a base. You cannot improvise something like this, ...

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