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"Je Suis CIA"; Another False Flag Event to Boost Military-Industrial Complex Profit$ (tags)

Article copied from Global Research outlines the Charlie Hebdo incident as a CIA concocted false flag designed to provoke conflict between the West and Islam. The beneficiaries of this designed attack would be the military-industrial complex that thrives under the constant threat of war and terrorism. The Kouachi brothers were well known to intelligence officials and were being guided by their handlers for several years leading up to the timed strike in France.

Independence from petroleum (tags)

US occupation of Iraq is a result of America's petroleum dependency. Plastics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and fuel are all petroleum based. There are sustainable alternatives that don't involve occupation of Iraq..


The Labor movement, which has kept a low profile in the series of post-Seattle globalization actions that have taken place in the past year, will again take to the streets this weekend in Quebec City to protest the FTAA. Here's why unions have been away and why they're back.

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