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chicago transit authority

Homelessness in Winter Cold (tags)

class war

U.S. Navy $176+ Million Unmanned Drone Crashed in Maryland Swamp (tags)

One would think for $176+ million we could get a drone that would fly without crashing into a Maryland swamp? Amazing how when Republican politicians grouse about the deficit they forget to mention how much those unmanned drones cost and how poorly they function. Then there's that 17% civilian casualites that just keeps pissing off occupied people enough for them to give up their families and their lives to become terrorists. Sounds like a cycle for perpetual warfare at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers for the sole benefit of the military-industrial complex..

The Windy City Makes Waves for Peace, Equity and Justice in Palestine (tags)

important Chicago activism

"Hizzhonor:" Chicago Politics Under Richard M. Daley (tags)

last of the big city bosses

M1: Chicago police bracing for 300,000-strong march (tags)

Chicago presente!

Captain Ozone - Hydrogen Fuel (tags)

A great alternative to foreign energy

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