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federal court house


After many hours of waiting in the hot sun in front of the Federal Court House in Downtown L.A., members of the community were dismayed to receive the news that the judge had denied bail to Alex Sanchez; this although more than a million dollars had been gathered along with hundreds of letters of support from around the world.

Anti-Church of Scientology Lawyer to be deposed 05/05/08 (tags)

As part of the ongoing confrontation between Anonymous and the Church of Scientology, Anonymous lawyer Graham Berry will be subject to a deposition by Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon.

Confronting the KKK (tags)

Confronting the KKK: The Klu Klux Klan came to Skokie, Illinois. They were confronted by over 300 anti-racist protestors: gay, straight, women, men, african american, latino, asian and white. But why did the cops protect the Klan and not us...

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