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Niche environnementale, niche fondamentale (tags)

Nos expériences comme seules licences...

Ni liberté, ni égalité, ni fraternité (tags)

Du corporatisme dans un masochisme accepté...

Curiosity, aller sur Mars, pourquoi faire? (tags)

Privé ou étatique, le capitalisme c'est " Lasciate ogni speranza "...

Treatment of Imprisoned Muslims at Terre Haute's Communications Management Unit (CMU) (tags)

Targeting Muslims for their faith and charity.

Leonard Peltier Moved to Indiana & Solitary Confinement (tags)

Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier was moved to Terre Haute, Indiana on 6/30/05 and is in solitary confinement. He was framed on false murder charges, has sat in prison for some 30 years, and is now a frail 60 year old man. His lawyers, family and friends were not notified of this move. This is another "rendition" or kidnapping perpetrated by Nazi USA.

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