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Why is Peace & Freedom Party Attacking 9/11 Truth Movement? (tags)

While looking for those who correctly oppose the entire May 19, 2009 California ballot, as does Peace & Freedom Party, you will come across a strange article front and center on the Peace & Freedom Party website by a Bob Maschi entitled "Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories? What is this garbage attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement doing on a socialist party's website?

9/11 REVISITED: The truth about 9/11/01 Film Screening (tags)

Americans and people across the world are questioning and debunking the official story of 9/11/01. Join us for a screening ofM 911 REVISITED and examine the evidence for yourself. Bring your friends.


What Think The Internet Community About 9/11 Terrorist Attacks?

Think You Know What Happened On 9/11? (tags)

Do you honestly think a guy on dialysis in cave on the other side of the world and 19 Arabs could fly loopty loops in jumbo jets while our trillion dollar defense and intelligence network was asleep? Doesn't it make more sense that we needed a manufactured crisis to change our foreign policy and have a pretext for endless war?

9-11 was treason (tags)

9-11 was treason A direct and premeditated attack on the people of the United States by a criminal cabal. A true line up of convicted criminals fill the offices of power, individuals who provide the smiling lying front for murder and theft to the sickness that has stoked the fires of hatred into a world wide inferno. Almost as if by design.

Claims 911 Was An Inside Job Go Mainstream (tags)

Who'd a thunk?

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