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Stop Obama's War on Syria (tags)

Involvement opportunity: Coffee House Teach-In: "American Boots on the Ground Again--Stop Endless U.S. Wars". Free. Speakers and entertainment.

Stop Obama's War on Humanity: A Personal Statement (tags)


Will You Let Obama And Hagel Drag You Into Another War? (tags)

Stop Obama from involving us in another criminally stupid and illegal war It's time to impeach or force the resignation of all those in our government who are puppets of the Netanyahu agenda.

All out for May Day! (tags)

A new leaflet being passed out in Seattle. Spread the word about Obama's REAL ideas about immigration reform while building the movement for full rights for all immigrants, now. And wherever you are, march on May Day, the fighting holiday of the world's workers.

The New York Post Fires the First shot in Presidential Assassination Politics (tags)

and Allan Keyes Fires the Second!

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