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JOIN W.E.R.C Today ! (tags)

In recent months, we have witnessed billions of dollars pumped into the financial institutions WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Reckless behavior and greed have been graced with the most extravagant rewards, allowing the rich to get even richer. After receiving their bailout, A.I.G. executives resumed their plans for a retreat at a lavish resort. Meanwhile, foreclosures have risen, unemployment has soared, and misery has spread with virtually nothing being done for the millions of workers suffering from these afflictions. We cannot sit back and simply hope that things will get better. The financial executives have organized themselves and lobbied for bailouts. We must now do the same. We must organize ourselves and mount a campaign, insisting that government programs benefit the majority of the population first and foremost, not the super wealthy small minority.

Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign (tags)

Below is the introduction, ten point program, and partial list of endorsers for the Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign

West Coast Solidarity Meetings For "Freightliner Five" (tags)

There will be solidarity meetings for the fired UAW Freightliner N. Carolina workers in LA, SF, Portland and Seattle

The Reconstruction Party: A New Political Development (tags)

There is a new political party on the horizon that is attempting to offer working class Blacks, working people in general, and the poor an alternative to the two capitalist parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Stunned by how little has been done by either capitalist party for anyone who was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans – other than the rich and powerful – the Reconstruction Party was officially launched on September 2 of this year. As a first step, the Party is running Malcolm Suber for City Council in New Orleans. Suber is a former textile worker and auto worker and member of the UAW, and has been active in labor struggles since moving to New Orleans, especially around union organizing. He was a founding member and national organizer of the People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition, a broad coalition of grassroots groups organized around the demand for the reconstruction of New Orleans under community control. In part, this movement is a response to the ruthless policies implemented by the ruling class in New Orleans. Taking full advantage of the helpless situation of many working people, especially the Black majority of New Orleans, the capitalists have pressed to privatize everything, including schools, health care, and prisons, while at the same time preventing the vast majority of those who were forced to leave from returning to their homes.

2 of the Miami Five have Birthdays in August and Appeals Case Update (tags)

Jailed for Fighting Terrorism

For a United Anti-War Movement (tags)

The world situation is characterized by extreme political, economic, social, and military instability. Humanity has entered an unprecedented period of wars, revolutions, and counter-revolutions. This is at root a reflection of the crisis of the world capitalist system, with the crisis of U.S. capitalism at its center. Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and the relentless pursuit of profits. This leads to vicious competition between rival capitalists for control of the world's natural resources, markets and labor. Under capitalism, national governments negotiate trade deals, use diplomatic pressure, and often resort to military force to defend the interests of "their" country's corporations.

Uniting the Liberals, Lefties, and Progressives (tags)

Ever since the classic revolutions that begun the current epoch of ‘democracy’, and more importantly capitalism, there have remained an inherent disunity among those loosely defined as progressives. Why this lack of unity exists, and why our political opponents do not seem to suffer from the same ailment is something worth examining.

President Chavez dedicates 20 minutes to In Defence of Marxism on TV (tags)

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

Terrorist Atrocity in Madrid (tags)


Solidarity Appeal: HANDS OFF VENEZUELA (tags)

Add your voice against U.S.Imperialism

Venezuela: Appeal from the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign (tags)


Haiti-there is no solution under Capitalism! (tags)


Haiti-Which way forward against Imperialism? (tags)


Marxism or Nationalism-For a Class Policy! (tags)

Marxism or Nationalism

War and the National Question-A reply to Luis Oviedo of the PO (tags)

War and the National Question

Mad Cow and the Crisis in Food Production (tags)

Mad Cow

The Capture of Saddam Hussein-Editorial statement (tags)


The Cancun Summit-WTO on the edge of abyss (tags)


Protest of 27 pilots highlights class divisions in Israel (tags)


Labour Party Conference-Blairism on the rocks (tags)


Panama-General strike to defend social security (tags)


Netanyahu attacks-Israeli working class responds (tags)

Israeli working class

Israel-Palestine the threats to Arafats life in the end the USA always backs the Zionists (tags)

Israel- Palestine

Mexico-The Zapatista Army and the Caracoles-A Marxist Analysis (tags)


September 11- two years on (tags)


Misery likes company George Bush has second thoughts on Irag (tags)


War in Irag far from over (tags)


Blairs Nest of Vipers (tags)


Socialism:the only way out of the bloodshed in Israel-Palestine (tags)


Esteban Volkov(Trotsky's Grandson ) speaks in Barcelona (tags)

Leon Trotsky

Venezuela-Solidarity with the CNV workers needed (tags)


Israel?Palestine-Why Marxists oppose the Road Map (tags)

Road Map

Growing World Poverty and Conflict Shows the Barbarity of Capitalism (tags)

Down with Capitalism

Working Clas U.S. Perspectives 2003 -2004 (tags)

Working Class

The Death of Dr.Kelly-Britain rocked by Political crisis (tags)


Venezuela- the revolution faced with sabotage (tags)



the elections

Immigration control- atool of the bosses (tags)


Argentina-attitude of revolutionary Socialists towards the Kirchner goverment (tags)

Argentina-Reformor Revolution

Student protests reveal weakness of Iranian regime (tags)


In the midst of Imperialist oppression-Irag (tags)


Irag-Two months after the fall-A Vietnamese trap for the coalition forces (tags)

Irag War

AMonomaniac with a Bad idea-Bush against the Economy (tags)

Bush and the economy

Corporate corruption and the Bush Administration (tags)


The Middle East Road Map is destined to fail (tags)

Middle East

Nigeria- Students appeal for International Solidarity (tags)


Workers Struggle's In Costa Rica (tags)

Costa Rica

British Unions shift to the Left (tags)

Labor on the March to the Left

Struggle in Peru intensifies (tags)

Struggle in Peru intensifies

Russia after the War in Irag (tags)


Saving Private Lynch- a Hollywood Drama (tags)

Irag War

Afghanistan, Irag and Depleted Uranium (tags)

Depleted Uranium and War

Lessons of the Irag War (tags)

Irag War

UN rubber stamps US-UK occupation of Irag (tags)

Occupation of Irag

Class War heats up in the USA (tags)

Class War

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