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Gitmo in Chicago (tags)

police state

Chicago: America's Police Repression Capital (tags)

police state

Chicago: "The National Capital of Police Repression" (tags)

police repression

Police Abuse: Will a ‘torture’ verdict be the beginning of the end? (tags)

Similar to the crime of rape, that of police abuse is substantively underreported. But while news reports have rightly hailed the torture related conviction of former Chicago police lieutenant Jon Burge, all too many issues remain.

America's Tortured Past (tags)

America's sordid legacy

Evidence Chicago police tortured suspects (tags)

Special prosecutors investigating allegations that police tortured black suspects in the 1970s and '80s detectives under the command of Lt. Jon Burge beat suspects, used electric shock on them, played mock Russian roulette and started to smother at least one man to elicit confessions.

Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality (tags)

Tasers may save some lives, but seem to increase police brutality.

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