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Councilman calls out jewish Voice for Peace for blind naked anti-Semitism (tags)

‘What You Saw Here Today Was Naked, Blind Antisemitism:’ NYC Councilman Slams Palestine Activists Who Disrupted Auschwitz Commemoration

Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism (tags)


Lessons from History (tags)

Intimidation and double standards are destabilizing and make global peace problematic.

Evangelical College Student Walks Across Country To Protest War (tags)

Real Christians Don't Choose War

Blind Flight by Noam Chomsky (tags)

The incompetence of the Bush planners has led to a catastrophe in Iraq.. The US administration may face a nightmare, a loose Shiite alliance that controls the greatest energy supplyt in the world and builds close ties to the Shanghai group.

The Second American Revolution : High Places (tags)

Our ancestors had revolution after revolution because they did not knock down the High :Places

Talking shit, talking lies (tags)

Samarra clash toll still a mystery or propaganda for nuts

How did the purges happen? (tags)

How could the Russian revolution, which held such promise, and captured the imagination of progressive every where, wind up resulting in such horror, oppression and blood shed?

If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses (tags)

From "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower," by William Blum

Message to the Troops (tags)

Each must choose - Armies of Death and Armies of Life "The shadow does not hold sway yet, not over you, not over me."

Nothing new in Disneyland (tags)

American citizens must learn from old european sad history.

Bush - Blind leading the Blind (tags)

Thomas Jefferson once said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." That is what came to mind when I saw this picture.

Dwarves & Elves (tags)


Illegal Road Building in the Mojave National Preserve (tags)

Cell Phone Corp. Blades Sensitive Desert Wash in S. Cal's Mojave National Preserve, Park Service Lax Management At Issue.

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