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Onirologie (tags)

C'était un rêve...

La belle verte (tags)

Peuésie du film" La belle verte... "

John Johnson (tags)

Please share your stories.

Penny Pritzker: Obama's Likely Commerce Secretary Choice (tags)

class war

Minister (tags)

To interpret the Old and New Testament's of the Bible by extending the horizons of Christian theological inquiry pertaining to "The Two Stars Of Bethlehem".

Family ripped apart by Scientology reunited (tags)

The people of Anonymous world wide have been working to destyroy the Scientology crime syndicate, doing so with wit, humor, and creativity. The number of Scientology customers world wide is down to less than 40,000, and many of the families that the Scientology crime syndicate has destroyed are being reunited and restored thanks to Anonymous.

Student Maced and Arrested at Jefferson (tags)

Text from 9:32am 01/15/2008- "Cops maced and arrested a very friendly and loved student at Jefferson yesterday, students are protesting, need to get some folks down there!!! Spread the word..." updates- it was a member of the LAUSD police who pepper sprayed the student. Students are currently striking; there is a lot of activity on campus right now. An assembly may take place at the end of the school day.

New name for GOP (tags)

The Gay Old Party.

It was a middle aged wedding (tags)

and the young folks wished them well

Project "A" Cafe (tags)

This weekend the first A-Cafe took place in Orange County. It was a fun filled gathering which included free coffee, snow cones, cookies, literature, a graffiti art wall, and acoustic music.

Police tactics keep the bloc nonviolent (tags)

i think we're suspecting the wrong people of being involved with the police.

Questioning a War Time President (tags)

The Lyndon Johnson factor.....

Lights! Camera! Rescue! (tags)

We do want to feel good, to believe that we are good. We want to be seen as virtuous liberators, not conquerors. Yet these two signature stories from the invasion of Iraq are, in fact, too good to be true.

Lights, Camera, Rescue! (tags)

Reposted because the last time it was posted it got spammed to death.

McArthur Park Woman's Day event (tags)

McArthur Park

Saddleback College Anti-War protest update! (tags)


Dia De Los Muertos Virtual Alter and Video Projection (tags)

The first part of this project was a virtual Dia De Los Muertos Alter in a room. The second part was a projection of these images onto buildings around LA.

Report from San Diego--an organizer's overview (tags)

It was a difficult road to this past weekend's events in San Diego, coping with police disinformation and media complicity on an astounding scale. But it was a glorious day Sunday when well over 1000 marched on the convention center. Today's story: over 75 incidents of police harassment.

critical mass results in show of force (tags)

Los Angeles is an extreme car culture and a peaceful demonstration by bicyclists is transformed by LAPD into a ugly display of power.

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